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"Mick did a presale detail on my holden Colorado. The car itself hadnt had a good life sitting outside in sun everyday. After he had finished with it the paint looked brand new and felt incredible. Long story short the first person the viewed the car, bought it! they even commented on how good the paid work was."
David from Thornlands

"Before Mick did my car the paint was dull and neglected and the interior was just as bad. When i collected it i thought it was a different car! Top work carried out by someone who has a high attention to detail."
"Mick did the best detail i have ever had, at the best price! I wouldnt go anywhere else. Highly recommended,"
Brandon from Redbank Plains

"I didnt realise how bad the swirls in my paint were before i got my car detailed by Mick. When i got my car back it looked better than i have ever seen it! I will be back in the future and highly recommend everyone getting Mick to look after your car"
"Mick did a GREAT job on my subaru wrx. My seats were awful, dirty, stained, never shampooed and now they are near perfect!! My bonnet used to feel rough and is now smooth! and my headlights were awful! cloudy and just a mess, they now look new! i highly recommend Mick for his great eye and attention 2 detail! Thanks Mick!!!!"
Lea from Parkinson

"My car was recently caught in flooded waters. So much water had entered the car that i was so worried it would be ruined or that it would stink for ages. I asked Mick if he could fix it and he said yes. Never in a million years did i think it could be fixed. The results were amazing and it was as though nothing had ever happened. The car was cleaned completely & it smelt amazing. No trace of any flood damage at all, thanks to Micks attention to detail."
Katie from Woodridge

"I dropped my car off to Mick with a lot of little scratches on the exterior and with stains on the interior. When it was finished i was extremely happy with the outcome. I highly recommend Mick for great prices and fantastic work."
​Shirley from Logan Village

" I highly recommend Mick. I have taken both my cars to him and couldnt be happier with the results. Good quality products used, great customer service and he knows what he is doing. He can give in depth explantion of any process."
​Harley from Pallara

"Thank you to Micks Attention2Detail a job done to perfection. i would recommend Mick for the job he today on my Mazda 6. PERFECTION!"
Chris from Eagleby

"I want to thank Mick for todays awesome work on detailing my ute. Seriously it looks better than when i picked it up off the showroom floor. I would highly recommend Mick to anyone for future jobs. I will use him for all of our vehicles in the future. You wont be disappointed."
​Trent from Narangba

"I was first put onto Micks attention 2 detail through the HSV owners club and i must say it was one of the best things ive ever done for my car. The amount of dedication to detail and perfection that i experienced with Mick has made left me lossed for words. I will only ever take my car back to Mick to do my detailing after the experience i have now had with him. I have never seen my car so good, it didnt even look this good the day i picked it up from the HSV dealer. The dedication to my car and the result that followed was jaw dropping and i would strongly recommend Mciks attention 2 detil to anyone looking to really give there car a good treat"
Thomas from Amberley